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6-FAG-22-006 FAGOR TRIPLE SOLENOID VALVE CODE : 12023921 / Z611123000

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6-FAG-22-006 FAGOR TRIPLE SOLENOID VALVE CODE : 12023921 / Z611123000

If water isn’t entering your washing machine correctly – if the inlets aren’t generating the pressure required to spray water to the clothes in your washing machine’s drum, then there is likely to be a problem with a valve inside your machine.

The solenoid valve electromagnetically controls a spring-loaded plunger which opens and closes the valve to block or let through pressurised water.

Use this replacement solenoid valve to help ensure that your washing machine’s water enters it correctly, and that water doesn’t flow to your drum when it isn’t being used. As the water helps clean your clothes efficiently and could cause water/ limescale damage if it leaks into your machine at the wrong time, this valve is essential for maintaining your machine’s performance and condition.

Please check the model fit list to ensure that this part is correct for your model.

  • Also Known As: Water Valve, Fill Valve, Inlet Valve, Electric Valve
  • 3 Way Water Outlet
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