Laundry Net set size S/M/L


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Laundry Net set size S/M/L
sku : 7-OTH-71-016×1+7-OTH-71-017×1+7-OTH-71-018×1

– Foldable Zipper Washing Bag Laundry Net

– small Size : 24.5cmx30.5cm (ZIPPER) – RM

– medium & large size – Medium Size: 48cmx67.5cm (STRING) RM

– Large Size: 58cm x 89cm, Material: Poly Net Fabric, Weight: 180 grams (STRING) RM

– coarse mesh

– Protect the clothes from wrapping with other clothes in the washing machine.

– Protect clothes, reduce rolling and distortion in the washing machine or drying machine.

– Suitable for all automatic washing machine, semi-automatic washing machine, dehydrated machine, drying machine

  1. – Mesh hole bigger – easier for detergent go inside clothes
    – Medical industry laundry net bag
  2. The laundry net bags with can sustain high temperature resistance of 85 degree Celsius of hot water, wear resistance and non-fading.
  3. Processed from self-produced polyester hexagonal mesh of 180GSM poly net fabric.
  4. It is widely used in hospitals, hotels, and factory laundry rooms.
  5. String type is suitable for bigger linen to be insert into laundry net, can use the correct laundry net for different weight of linen.
  6. while small size of laundry net suitable for lesser/smaller linen with zipper type.



Laundry Net L is Large thickened medical closed laundry mesh bag can load 5kg of dry linen.

Laundry Net M is  Medium thickened medical closed laundry mesh bag can load 3kg of dry linen.

Laundry Net S is Small thickened zipper laundry mesh bag can load 1kg of dry linen.

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